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Le Destroy & Lordess Foudre Present: TRASHUMANISM,  a narrative art book set in a future world where human DNA is a commodity, and a select few reign supreme. Developed to parallel its namesake, “Trashumanism” - the album by Le Destroy, this silent graphic novel-meets-classic art book offers a glimpse into the world built around the pillars and ideas presented on the album.



In Capital City, a new metropolis is emerging — and so is a groundswell rebellion rising up against it. Democracy has quickly become an ancient concept and the new world order is one ruled by mega corporations like GENACOR. Its divisions include ECTOGEN and HELIX, both dabbling in varying degrees genetic engineering and biopharmaceuticals. GENACOR’s CEO is ruthless, her propensity for the misuse of power unmatched, and she will stop at nothing to remain in power.


GENACOR lives in Capital City’s booming Tech District, and heavily influences the controversial principles of the United World Government. Their main goal? Privatizing health care and using mandatory genetic material “donations” from residents to fuel innovation under the ECTOGEN and HELIX umbrellas.


Newly launched, the World Hospital Corporation is now the only sanctioned healthcare system in the world. Its main tenet is that no healthcare, doctor visits or medications will be offered unless residents provide a sample of their genetic material and give up complete rights to their genome. All non-sanctioned “gene collection-free” clinics are strictly prohibited and punishable under the strictest extent of the law as decreed by the United World Government. Not the least of which is brutal sentences at the Capital City Med Prison where all human rights are stripped and prisoners are subject to involuntary experimentations.

GenFree clinics still exist on the black market, through a hush-hush network driven by word of mouth. They thrive as the antithesis of the World Hospital Corporation, treating all residents, rich or poor. If a resident’s lucky enough to receive care, it’ll most likely be at a clinic hidden away in some corner of the Trades District, disguised as some other common service provided by merchants and tradespeople in the District’s bustling marketplace.


Capital City’s genome collective is quickly becoming the fodder of the mega corps to play God, with free range to create genetic variants and engineer a new breed of humans. Buyers are able to pick from the ECTOGEN catalog chock full of desirable traits in order to create their perfect specimen, from specialized combat units for Cap City PD, to consumer grade companion units for the lonely Cloud District entrepreneur. 


This doesn’t sit well with everyone in Capital City, and soon, a group of female-led protagonists emerge to fight the system. Among them are: the Artist (the heart, brains and architect of the opposition whose parents were once scientists at ECTOGEN); Rebel (the wildly resilient civil soldier who’d risk her life for the cause); and Robot (originally made as a companion model, she’s alone in the ‘human experience’ and in search of connection).

This is the world of TRASHUMANISM – are you in or are you out?

TRASHUMANISM - The Graphic Novel

Expected to ship by end of June.
  • Shipping: International and Domestic

    Language: English

    Rating: Mature 18+

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